Security Liaison
Bathurst, New Brunswick CANADA
Telephone: +1-506-548-5865
We believe an industry practice of overpricing, where too few become secured, can only contribute to an environment where identity thieves attack and thrive.

Today's Internet security requires a solid affordable
solution for both your small business and your home.

It takes a strong level encryption to prevent hackers
from reading the important, sensitive and personally
identifiable information they use to steal your identity.

The Security Liaison Project realizes the complexity
of the PKI encryption needed to protect you, and
provides services in simple and easy to use ways.

  • Digital IDs for S/MIME Secured Email.
  • SSL Certificates for Website Security.
  • Digital IDs for Secured Web Access.
  • privCA Servers for private provisioning.

    By providing affordable security we will contribute towards a safer Internet for us all.    [ find out more ]

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